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Bad Transformer (A)

Bad Transformer (Image + Text)

2 Perfect-Bound Publications containing Handmade Collage of Type + Image

Assorted White Papers, Archival Inkjet Photographs, Newsprint, Packing Tape



Assorted Original Collage (from Bad Transformer)

Collage, Assorted Contemporary and Antique Print Ephemera, Scotch Tape




Bad Transformer is a set of books, independent in form, but collaborative in narrative. From April to July, 2016, I created 100 original collage compositions exploring themes of beauty, gender, and identity, while emphasizing dramatic contrasts of both context and language. Typographic solutions were frequently driven by a desire to create more absurd or playful scenarios. Non-archival Scotch tape was used to assemble each piece, embracing the transformation process each would undergo over time. A variety of papers, printing techniques, and tapes were used to assemble and bind each book, mirroring the collage process.

Bad Transformer (B)