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A collaboration between Kristen Mallia (US) and Kirsty Palmer (UK), Terrain is a folding (off-set) broadsheet that was developed as an installation component to the Terrain exhibition that was on view in Patriothall Gallery in Edinburgh, Scotland from Aug 5—21, 2023. The broadsheet contains photography by both artists, exploring shared ideas and themes within their respective practices as well as the wider exhibition.


Also available at:

Good Press (Glasgow)
Typewronger (Edinburgh)


Since undertaking parallel residencies with Skaftfell Center for Visual Art, Seyðisfjörður, in 2020, Mallia and Palmer have maintained a working dialogue; an ongoing exchange of reflections, words and images. Terrain follows a period of expanded conversation between their individual practices and provides a platform for collaboration.


Developed for Patriothall, Terrain is a body of large-scale drawings, sculpture and printed matter which responds to experiences of space/place within the wider platform of landscape. It considers relationships to time and space/place as archived through specific memories and manifested through objects, surfaces, images or words. It considers the trust we place in the spaces (foundations) and contexts (landscapes) in which we reside, reflecting also on the often-precarious power balance between humans and nature; the impact of shifting or dislodging foundations and breaching boundaries.

Mallia and Palmer reference a variety of wider working practices and processes including archaeology, geology, field recording, walking, mapping and cataloguing, and seek to bring these to tangible visual outcomes within the exhibition.

As a body of work, Terrain considers visible time, seeking to navigate specific ground, experience or events through looking to their smallest parts; the elements which form them; their material memories and the shift in states they undergo. The gallery acts as a physical container for the work as a landscape can act as a container for individuals’ experience of a place, event or period of time.


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Terrain (2020—2023)

  • offset printed, b+w
    newsprint, A1
    double-sided, poster

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