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From July 2 to July 16, 2022, I resided at The Outermost Hostel. During this time, I participated in a two-week workshop at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, Massachusetts, called The Talking Eye: Exploring and Refining Visual Language, led by the delightful David Hilliard. but mine, alone was created during that time; it provides the foundation for an installation of the same name, currently on view at home.stead cafe in Fields Corner, 1448 Dorchester Avenue, in Dorchester, MA from March 1 through May 11, 2024. This limited edition issue of Field Notes (Index_23) is a supplement to this installation, and an archive of my experience during that time. The publication contains a description of the project supported by quotes from Gaston Bachelard's The Poetics of Space.



About this project

My work is rooted in ritual. I am interested in the accumulation and evolution of behavior, content, and form over time. Field Notes (Index_23) is a quarterly publication that acts as a physical archive for the curation and distribution of concepts and techniques that I am currently developing in my studio practice. All writing, photography, designs, and concepts are original, unless otherwise noted. Each issue is designed to reflect its content; no two are the same. This is Issue 10.




Field Notes (Index_23): Issue 10, Fall 2023

    • 5.5" x 8.5" / 40 pages
    • with an 11.25" x 7.25" folding digital tabloid insert (80 gsm 100% recycled bright white paper, unfolds to 22"x 14.5")
    • typewritten "receipts" with edition number (of 70)
    • Heart papercut
    • 4" x 5" gloss photograph fastened with paperclip
    • Avery "house copy" sticker on cover
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