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About Issue 08

This site-specific issue of Field Notes (Index_23) and the content within was developed during an artist residency at L’Appartamento Napoli, in Naples, Italy, during the month of June 2023. Additional inspiration was gathered during the days in Rome and Sardinia that followed. This publication is an extension of Love Letter: A Site-Specific Performance that took place at Via Materdei 73 in Naples on June 28, 2023. Special thanks to Amelia Bateman for her generosity, wisdom, and friendship.


Additional Notes:

This limited edition issue was bound on my Kenmore sewing machine using antique thread from my Grandmother’s collection of sewing supplies. Each issue comes with a custom designed matchbook and various pages throughout have been adorned with spraypaint. Remove the loose Love Letter and embellish it with anything you wish to eliminate from your life. Then, burn it to release.

About this project

My work is rooted in ritual. I am interested in the accumulation and evolution of behavior, content, and form over time. Field Notes (Index_23) is a quarterly publication that acts as a physical archive for the curation and distribution of concepts and techniques that I am currently developing in my studio practice. All writing, photography, designs, and concepts are original, unless otherwise noted. Each issue is designed to reflect its content; no two are the same. This is issue 08.




Field Notes (Index_23): Issue 08, Spring 2023

  • Limited Edition: 55
    5.5" x 8.5"
    36 pages
    28 lb paper
    Sewn Binding

    Each copy comes with a typewritten slip of pink paper containing notes about the issue as well as edition number.

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