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About Issue 06

The concept for this issue is inspired by the following quote by Astrida Neimanis: "We must learn to be at home in the quivering tension of the in-between." Each edition is a tiled print of an A1 sized poster. Crop marks are indicated on each sheet and the designs can be trimmed out and assembled, if desired. Tensions between surface and materiality are further conveyed through alternating paper stocks (grey laser and recycled Strathmore) between each issue.

About this project

My work is rooted in ritual. I am interested in the accumulation and evolution of behavior, content, and form over time. Field Notes (Index_22) is a quarterly publication that acts as a physical archive for the curation and distribution of concepts and techniques that I am currently developing in my studio practice. All writing, photography, designs, and concepts are original, unless otherwise noted. Each issue is designed to reflect its content; no two are the same. This is issue 06.




Field Notes (Index_22): Issue 06, Fall 2022

  • Limited Edition: 30
    5.5" x 8.5"
    15 8.5" x 11" sheets, folded and nested, unbound

    Each edition comes with a custom edition label typewritten on archival polyester film and a unique black and white photograph of the Icelandic landscape. Both are fastened to the cover with a gold paperclip. Images were shot using an Olympus QuickShooter Zoom 2 on T-Max film in August 2022 on the western coast of Iceland.

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