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About Issue 04

This issue examines foundations, notions of stability, and processes (natural and creative), while sharing insights into my newest body of work: Substratum.


This issue contains 60 pages, unbound, and fastened with a silver binder clip. Several pages include custom paper cuts and each cover features a unique Instax Fujifilm photograph.

About this project

My work is rooted in ritual. I am interested in the accumulation and evolution of behavior, content, and form over time. Field Notes (Index_22) is a quarterly publication that acts as a physical archive for the curation and distribution of concepts and techniques that I am currently developing in my studio practice. All writing, photography, designs, and concepts are original, unless otherwise noted. Each issue is designed to reflect its content; no two are the same. This is issue 04.


Field Notes (Index_22): Issue 04, Spring 2022

  • Limited Edition: 40
    5.5" x 8.5"
    60 pages
    65lb paper

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